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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, preparing for the pope. we are just eight days away from the rival of pope francis in philadelphia as well as the influx of about a million and a half people to our area. today the daunting task of security takes center stage. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson will be here to review security plans for the pope's visit and here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway this morning where road closures are already in place in some spots and picture this -- next weekend more than one million people are expected to be packed right there on the parkway to see the pope.
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ka katy zachary has more on the security preparations. >> one clear sign the papal visit is among us, part of the ben franklin parkway has been closed. the inner drive closed yesterday, the outer drive as we head into next weekend. pope francis is expected to attract crowds of well over a million people while he's here in philadelphia. the secretary of homeland security will meet with mayor michael nutter today and the mayor will also meet with the head of u.s. secret service joseph clancey. nbc 10 spoke exclusively with joseph clancey ahead of today's security meeting. he is a delaware county native and says a lone wolf or group attack is his biggest concern. >> making sure we have enough personnel, we've reached out to our partners to ensure we have enough personnel to the screening facilities. >> reporter: in the coming days,
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police tell us expect to see officers sealing manhole covers and removing trash cans from the parkway as well as the independence hall area. reporting from center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. with millions of people coming to philadelphia, they're going to get hungry. now there's a new wawa that opened up this morning. the new store is at broad and walnut streets right in the heart of center city. nbc 10's monique brach on the was there. monique, it included local leaders, members of the philadelphia orchestra and eagles cheerleaders, right? >> reporter: a little bit of everybody was here, vai. the mayor was here along with members of the city council and some of the other folks who really put this store here on the map in center city. it opened two months ahead of schedule but just in time for the world meeting of families. the flagship store opens with an hour-long celebration this morning. hundreds of wawa faithfuls are
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packed inside. mayor nutter helped cut the ribbon this morning. the manager told us 70 people have new jobs as part of his inaugural team. as you know, wawa is the signature sponsor of welcome america but the philly chain is contributing in a huge way to the pontiff's visit to the city of brotherly love. >> i'd say our bigger contribution was the water. the product that we're going to give, about 100,000 meals for the emergency responders and as well volunteers. that's really the element of us getting involved to make sure we're there on scene. >> during the world meeting of families, six stores in center city will be donating a percentage of their sale. that's up to $15,000 to the francis fund. the francis fund was developed to alleviate hunger and in the next half hour you're going to hear from some of the first customers to walk inside the
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doors here at wawa. in center city, monique broxtax, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. the turkey bowl at wawa with the dollop of cranberry, i'm telling you. check nbc 10's app to see a list of road closures and transit changes. you'll find his schedule and the list of things you are not allowed to bring with you to the papal events. a mother woke up early this morning to find three masked men who broke into her house. this happened at about 1:00 a.m. on the 2800 block of shipley street. police say the suspects ransacked the place and one of them held a gun to the 33-year-old woman's head while her two young kids were asleep upstairs. police tell us the men got away with $800 in cash. >> i don't know why this particular house was targeted. the woman did have $800 cash in her possession that was taken. they poured out the contents of her purse but it appears they only took the cash.
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>> detectives have been talking with the victimment fortunately she and her kids were not hurt. new video into nbc 10 shows two suspects who philadelphia police say robbed a jewelry store. they say the two guys walked into the h & y royal jewelers on south 23rd street and south philly on monday. when an employee walks over, one of them punches him in the face. he falls to the floor and while one of the robbers holds a knife to him, the other ties him up. police say the man grabbed jewelry and took off. take another look at the two men. police say one of these guys was wearing a fake tattoo sleeve on his arm. and two victims, two suspects and no arrests. philadelphia police want to find the gunman who opened fire on two men around 1:00 this morning. someone shot the men in the logan section of the city. both are listed in stable condition. witnesses saw two men run from that scene.
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intentional inferno. investigators say this fire that caused a million dollars of damage in center city is a case of arson and investigators have a big clue. the atf says this person of interest was seen leaving the area after the fire erupted at 13th and chancellor street. >> we take this seriously. we are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for the public's help in finding this responsible arsonist. >> take another look at this guy. dozens of people are still out of their homes. the fire destroyed a restaurant on the construction and damaged the chancellor apartment building. t . a fantastic friday capping off a wonderful week of weather and it's a great day to be down the shore. a few people down there under their umbrellas. here's a live look at cape may, new jersey. nbc 10 first alert chief
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meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast and a look at the weekend, right, glenn? >> yeah, vai. we're going to be seeing a half-and-half weekend as far as temperatures are concerned. the weather itself looking good overall as far as that. blue sky, sunshine, that's what we have today but once again the pollutants tend to build up when you have very little wind and no rain. so we have an air quality advisory until midnight tonight for much of the area. and the main problem is ozone. it's unhealthy for sensitive individuals, children, elderly, and people with respiratory illnesses. you want to limit your outdoor activity if you're in one of those categories. 23478 philadelphia now. 81 in northeast philadelphia. so we're going well into the 80s. that 78 is already above average for this time of the year. so the warm weather continues one more day and another day over the weekend, too.
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temperatures well into the 80s. low humidity once again and no rain. we'll see if that changes over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, see you then. a judge has ordered philadelphia abortion dr. kermit gosnell to pay nearly $4 million to the daughter of a woman who died in his care. gosnell is serving a life sentence for killing babies born alive and giving a woman a lethal dose of a painkiller. lawyers say it's unlikely the woman will see that money. they say gosnell is broke and he and his shuttered clinic in west philadelphia don't have insurance. happening today, the pennsylvania state senate is set to pass an $11 billion short term spending plan to end a month-long budget stalemate. governor tom wolf has vowed to veto the plan. he says he won't sign the stopgap measure until a general budget agreement is in place. philadelphia's 311 information center is back open today, a day after someone found
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a bedbug there, forcing a shutdown. this is new video from the office in center city. it reopened just a few hours ago. yesterday someone found just one bedbug and it was dead but the city closed the office and did a complete search of the call center. the exterminator did not find an infestation. the city sent employees out of the office but they still took 311 questions through e-mail and social media. the eagles are gearing up for their matchup with the cowboys sunday afternoon at lincoln financial field and here's the link. and here's a closer look at the link inside from our eagles nest camera. nbc 10 is your official television station of the philadelphia eagles. join us before and after the game. watch game day kickoff this sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. you'll hear from the tight end, zach ertz and one of the eagles
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famous fans, soccer star carly lloyd. and then join us sunday night for the game day final where we'll feature post-game interviews with chip kelly, malcolm jenkins plus full highlights and locker room reaction. happening today, a new extension of the pennypack trail will open in montgomery county. a ribbon cutting ceremony begins at 2:00 in huntington valley. runners, walkers and bicyclists can enjoy two and a half more extra miles of trail from welsh road to byer berry road. and nbc 10 at eastern state penitentiary and fair mount where the former prison's annual haunted house opens today. final preparations were under way yesterday for the 25th year of terror behind the walls. proceeds support the prison's year round museum. he's the republican presidential candidate known for
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making lots of controversial comments so find out why the donald is now taking heat for something he did not say. and truly out of this world. we'll tell you more about these new closeup images of pluto at the farthest reaches of our solar system. enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. i'm tracking a cool change and i'll look at the forecast for sunday's eagles game. that's just ahead.
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days after tens of millions watched their debate, most republican candidates will be at a forum in south carolina today. meanwhile, donald trump is catching heat for what he didn't say. tracie potts has a decision 2016 update from washington. >> reporter: most of the republicans, 11 of them, will be at a conservative forum in south carolina this afternoon. south carolina senator lindsey graham didn't make the cut. he's polling below 1%. donald trump will be there. this morning, trump's under fire for not correcting this question in new hampshire last night. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeted calling it hateful rhetoric, disturbing and just
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plain wrong. cut it out, she said. she also said she'll soon announce whether she supports the keystone xl oil pipeline. >> i'm putting the white house on notice. i'm going to tell you what i think soon because i can't wait. >> reporter: jeb bush targeted clinton and democrat bernie sanders in las vegas last night on growing the economy. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders? you know what their views are? hillary is kind of drafting behind bernie. >> reporter: sanders a new target since polls show he's overtaking clinton in iowa and new hampshire. and hillary clinton is weighing in on what's happening here on capitol hill telling lawmakers they should not shut down the government over the issue of funding planned parenthood. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the court has dealt another defeat to kentucky county clerk kim davis. she's the official who went to jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. her lawyer appealed the judge's order arguing the ruling should only apply to couples named in
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the original lawsuit. that would have kept davis from having to issue licenses to any further same-sex couples, but the sixth circuit is -- u.s. court of appeals denied that request. more than one million people have left their homes in chile and we know 12 are dead from the massive earthquake that hand wednesday night. the 8.3 magnitude krak promquakd tsunami advisories as far away as california and hawaii those tsunami warnings are lifted. these are pictures we got this morning of the damage. emergency crews are trying to access the areas. the earthquake prompted tsunami warnings in japan on the other side of the pacific. tsunami barriers were putting in place and some living in coastal areas moved to evacuation shelters. japan's meteorological agency has since lifted their tsunami alert.
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and look at this video from security cameras in south florida. this shows the moment powerful winds rolled through on wednesday night. you can see the pool furniture flying across the patio and into the water. the national weather service says this was a weak tornado based on damage like you see here. it's not that unusual to get one of those mini tornados in florida, even south florida. a big tornado, that would be a real rare sight. we've got another warm one around here. temperatures well into the 80s, about ten degrees above average for this time of the year. we'll have the eagles game day forecast and we do have some cool changes that are going to be coming, starting this weekend. a lot of sunshine out there once again, everyday this week has featured sunshine. 78 degrees. the winds light out of the southeast and one degree shy of where we were that the time
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yesterday when we got up to 86. we'll be around that today. pretty close to that tomorrow and then the temperature drops on sunday. but it only drops to the average, right around average, and next week should see many temperatures in the 70s as opposed to 80s. it's already 81 in northeast philly, 77 in allentown, 81 in coatesville. 78 in atlantic city airport. 77 in millville. we're going to be seeing those temperatures go into the 80s in most of the area except right at the beaches. we're try right now. you see a little bit of moisture back to the west. this is with a weak cold front that's going to be coming through and that is going to bring us our only chance for any kind of showers this weekend. the other thing to watch is this area down to the south off the southeast coast. it could develop into a subtropical or tropical storm.
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most likely the center of that will stay well out to sea but some moisture could creep up the coast as we go into early next week so we'll keep an eye on that. this is what we're looking at in the short term. this is the front coming in with showers in western pennsylvania. but as it gets farther to the east, the timing really isn't good for us to get the moisture. it's in the early morning hours on sunday as opposed to saturday afternoon and there's that moisture in the atlantic staying offshore, at least into monday and at least with that particular model. so right now it looks like it will be dry for the eagles, temperatures lower than what we've mean? the 70s as opposed to the 80s. the humidity fairly low as well, a little bit of a breeze. so it's good football weather there. sunny and warm today with the low humidity once again, highs in the mid to upper 80s. and then as we go into tomorrow another warm day: 86 degrees, a
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little bit more humid. we'll have a chance of a shower later saturday night and to first thing on sunday and then as you can see only 78 degrees. monday is cooler and a chance of some of that southern moisture coming up but temperatures generally next week in the 70s, not like the 80s of this week. thank you, glenn. new closeup pictures of a world that's billions of miles away. nasa has released fresh photos from the new horizon probe's fly by of pluto earlier this summer and they reveal several features of the dwarf planet, including possible dunes and ice floes that oozed out of mountains. amazing. the. still ahead, true love and a moment to cherish. the kiss cam capturing this touching moment at last night's atlanta braves game. you won't want to miss what happens here. later, a message for moms, why depressing could save you trips to the dentist's office with your kids. we'll explain why still ahead.
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thousands of people are taking part in an inspiring event tomorrow. it's a celebration of recovery from addiction and a show of support for those who are still struggling with substance abuse issues. beverly haverly is the executive director of pro act which stands for pennsylvania recovery organization achieving recovery
11:24 am
together. beverly, welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us about this event. you'll raise some money and tell us about it. >> the event does two things. it's tomorrow at the great plaza in penn's landing. we have two goals. one is to raise money to keep us doing what we're doing. but the other is really a public awareness campaign to help people really understand that recovery is not only possible but that people do sustain long-term recovery. so it's an event to provide hope and to clear up some misunderstandings about an illness that really has some confusion around it. >> and addiction really touches just about everybody. there's -- everyone is connected to somebody either directly or indirectly. it doesn't matter whether you're rich, poor, black, or white, right? >> absolutely. >> tell us what you do, the work you do. >> we do a lot of things, we deal with reducing stigma. i used to say reduce stigma, i want to do away it with. i think we really need to combat
11:25 am
that in order to help individuals access and sustain long term recovery. we provide recovery support services, a lot of community education, advocacy for individuals who are experiencing barriers to getting help. and supporting people through their recovery journey so they can sustain long-term recovery. >> is it okay to call it a disease? i heard you call it a disease. >> i call it a disease, absolutely, i do. >> what about those -- there's always a debate between whether it's a disease or sometimes these people by their own life choices end up in these situations. none of that matter, when somebody is an addict, they're an addict, right, choices or something chemical within them? your job is to help them get out of this. >> my job is to help them get out of it. that whole debate, as you said, it doesn't really matter.
11:26 am
helping people learn how to manage their problems is what this is all about. i think there's a continuum. people who early on recognize they're experiencing problems certainly have a lot easier road to haul than people who are in long term addictions and all of the difficult problems that happen as a result of. >> that r.o. pro-act recovery walks 2015 takes place tomorrow, starts at the great plaza at penn's landing as beverly just said, registration begins at 7:00 a.m., it's early. and the walk starts at 9:00. for more information, go to our web site at or check out the nbc 10 app. beverly haberle, thank you for coming in. eight days and counting our entire region is preparing for the arrival of pope francis to philadelphia. the holy father's message ahead of his journey to cuba and the united states. plus, food fight. why congress may trash the first
11:27 am
lady's healthier school lunch program.
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another picture-perfect day across our region as we look at the ben franklin bridge and then a live look now from our camera atop lowe's hotel. this is coming from the lowe's hotel in center city, philadelphia. and nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. it's going to cool down, isn't it, glen? >> it will be cooling down by the time the eagles play another warm day out here. the flag isn't moving. similar story to yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and pollutants tend to build up when you get repeat
11:31 am
days like this and there's an air quality alert million midnight for most of the area like there was yesterday for the high levels of ozone so people with respiratory problems should limit their outdoor activity. it will improve by sunday. it's 78 degrees, close to that, and much of the rest of the area, we'll be seeing the sunshine throughout the afterno afternoon. low humidity. high temperatures well into the 80s, 10 degrees above average. cooler weather is coming in. we'll see if there's rain in the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glen. tomorrow the pope arrives in cuba, the first leg of his trip. last night he delivered a tv message. he recorded in the vatican city. it's the first time any pope has sent a video message prior to visiting cuba. in a message of faith and encourage. the pope told the caw boon people that jesus "loves you
11:32 am
very much." the pope arrives tomorrow afternoon and will celebrate mass in havana's resolution square. the pope has a busy schedule. after his trip to cuba he will head to washington, d.c., then new york and, of course, wrap it up in philadelphia. president obama has invited 15,000 people for the pope's visit. it will be held on the back lawn. if all those people show up, it will surpass the 13,000 invited to pope benedict's arrival in 2008. around 6,000 attended the arrival ceremony for pope jon paul in 1979. while in washington, pope francis will speak to congress and celebrate mass at the basilica. pope francis is expected to attract crowds of more than a million people while he's in philadelphia. the secretary of homeland security will meet with mayor michael nutter in just over an hour from now as well as the head of the u.s. secret service joseph clancey.
11:33 am
with just over a week together-to-go before the pope's arrival, authorities will start sealing manhole covers and removing trash cans in the parkway and independence hall. all those people will be looking for somewhere to eat and there's a new place in philadelphia to get a quick meal. a wawa opened up at broad and walnut right in the heart of center city. nbc 10's monique braxton was there for the grand opening. monique, what can you tell us? >> reporter: vai, when they opened the doors the line was down the block. the store has been open for a couple of hours now and take a look at this crowd. they opened two months ahead of schedule but just a week before the world meeting of families kicks off and the pope's arrival. our camera was rolling when the first customers entered. is free coffee awaited hundreds of wawa faithfuls. earlier this morning, the manager told us 70 people now
11:34 am
have new jobs as part of his inaugural team. wawa is contributing in a huge way to the pontiff's visit to the city of brotherly love. the ceo told us they will feed emergency responders the entire weekend and handout one million bottles of water. we've spoke with the first customers here today. >> it's absolutely convenient. my college is right here. it's in the bottom floor of the building and i could not be more excited. i'm so excited. >> reporter: and it will be open 24/7 which is great for college students. >> yes, oh, my gosh, those 3:00 a.m. study sessions, i'll be at wawa. >> it's walking distance. you get -- you can get here from every direction and it looks good. it's a beautiful place. >> reporter: those customers will likely mingle with catholics in town for the world meeting of families. wawa's ceo told us a percentage of purchases at the six snores
11:35 am
center city will be donated to the francis funds to alleviate hunger. backback here live, the goal of the francis fund for wawa, is to raise about $15,000. looking at the crowd at this one particular store, they won't have a hard time doing that at all. in center city, monique broxtax, nbc 10 news. >> they have great chocolate chip cookies. that i'll warn it up for you, then get a bottle of milk, 69 cents, perfect. go to the nbc 10 app to find a list of road closures, the pope's schedules and a list of things you can't bring if you come to the event at the parkway. happening now, a friend of charleston church shooting suspect dylann roof is expected to be in court for an arraignment. court documents unsealed this morning show joseph meek is charged with lying to federal agents during their investigation of the shooting.
11:36 am
according to the indictment, meek stated to an fbi agent that he did not know specifics about roof's plan but the fbi says that was a lie. he was friends with roof, the man who is charged with shooting and killing the nine people during a bible study at an historic african-american church in june. meek said roof stayed with him before the shooting. meek also reportedly said roof drunkenly complained that "blacks were taking over the world and someone needed to do something about it for the white race." is bowe bergdahl's lead attorney says the former taliban prisoner is not testifying at a hearing to determine if he should face a court-martial. bergdahl is accused of leaving his post in afghanistan six years ago. is he was captured and remained a prisoner for five years before being released in exchange for five taliban commanders. bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he could face life in prison if
11:37 am
convicted. a south african parole review board is meeting to determine the fate of former olympian oscar pistorius. he served 11 months of his five year sentence for the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. south africa's justice minister in august blocked the athlete's early release. prosecutors are appealing pistorius's manslaughter conviction arguing he should have been found guilty of murder. that appeal is scheduled for november. and the u.s. marines are expected to ask women not be allowed to compete for front line combat jobs. associated press sources say the move puts the marines at odds with the other three military branchs which are expected to open combat jobs to women. officials tell the a.p. that defense secretary ash carter is aware of the dispute and will review the marines plans. a food fight is brewing over the government's national school nutrition program. the program expires at the end of the month. it set limits on the amount of fat, calories, sugar and sodium in school lunches.
11:38 am
the first lady wants the measure renewed and she says she'll fight to the bitter end to keep it. but some members of congress oppose it. republicans say the program is too limiting and too costly for schools. they want to exempt some schools from the program. and interest rates are staying where they are, at least for now. the federal reserve has decided to keep the rates at record lows amid threats from a weak global economy low inflation and unstable financial markets. but officials say a rate hike is likely later this year. one reason the fed isn't acting yet is that inflation is still running well below the central bank's objective of 2%. a sweet moment for former president jimmy carter and his wife rosalyn. the 39th president, battling cancer, was seen smooching the first lady -- former first lady on the kiss cam at last night's braves game in atlanta. the former first couple have been married for 69 years.
11:39 am
very nice, a significant number of apple customers are reporting their devices crashed when they tried to upgrade to the new ios 9 operating software. some users took to social media saying the upgrade failed after several minutes. tech analysts say that's likely because too many people tried to download the update at the same time. others say the problem appears linked to older devices. aing encountered several bugs during the rollout of the ios 8 and some were never 2006 ed. diabetes danger. experts say you could be doing something everyday that puts you at an increased risk for type two diabetes. >> warm temperatures won't be sticking around for too much longer. i'm tracking cooler weather heading our way and i'll have a look at sunday's eagles forecast coming up.
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chileans are cleaning up from wednesday's powerful earthquake and tsunami which followed. g gabe gutierrez reports from chile. >> reporter: it wasn't the earthquake that did the most damage, it was the tsunami. parts of the coast saw waves of up to 50 feet. at least 12 "people" are now confirmed dead, hundreds more are in emergency shelters. the 8.3 magnitude quake was the most powerful recorded on earth so far this year and it prompted tsunami advisories thousands of miles away. as far as hawaii, california, even japan.
11:43 am
still, many people here credit updated buildings codes and warning systems for saving lives. overnight, there were several aftershocks, including one that was a magnitude 6.3, but geologists say these aftershocks could continue for months. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, chile. now to the migrant crisis overseas. croatia closed all border crossings with serbia except one in effort to control the slow the flow of refugees which strained authorities. this included closing the border near one serbian town where record numbers of migrants with crossing into eastern croatia. some 2,000 people have gathered waiting for bus or train rides to refugee centers. one train left this morning carrying hundreds of migrants. the refugee centers in the capital and elsewhere. croatian police say more than 13,000 migrants have entered the country from serbia since the first group started arriving more than two days ago. daytime sleepiness and long
11:44 am
naps could increase your risk of type two diabetes. japanese researchers found extreme fatigue was linked to a nearly 60% greater risk of the disease. regular naps that last an hour or more increase the risk by about 45%. the study shows shorter naps had no effect on diabetes risk. experts believe daytime napping may be a result of nighttime sleep disturbances which have been shown to cause a variety of health problems. and new research shows if mom or dad smokes than it's more likely their teenager will become a smoker as well. the teens are almost more likely to become dependent on nicotine and daughters were especially vulnerable to their mother's smoking abouts. girls were four times more likely to become dependent on nicotine if their moms were as well but they were not affected by their father's habits. and a mother's stress could impact her family in an unexpected way. researchers found cavities were more common among kids whose
11:45 am
moms have chronic stress. the studies showed those mothers struggled to adopt healthy patterns like brushing their children's teeth regularly, making regular visits to the dentist and maintaining healthy diet habits. researchers also found stressed moms were less likely to breast-feed their infants, which is a risk factor for cavities. well, your kids are probably using a tablet or laptop to do some of their home work but as nbc's erika gonzalez reports, there are concerns the devices could cause burns depending on where they're placed. >> reporter: school is on again and with it lots of students doing home work on these -- and these. but where they are working -- like a plush bed or the family couch -- could pose a safety risk. patti davis with the consumer product safety commission. >> laptops and tablets have lithium ion batteries. lith i don't know ion batteries are very power informal a small space so you need to respect
11:46 am
that battery, that powerful battery. >> reporter: just a couple of years ago this apartment in manassas, virginia, caught fire. the culprit -- an overheated laptop battery which, at the time, had a recall. the cpsc says it's aware of 674 reports of incidents with laptop computers between 2001 and june of 2015 overheating, smoking, or catching fire. while they are called "laptops," davis says your lap isn't the best place for it. >> it can get hot on your lap. use it on a desktop. use it on a hard surface so that it can have some air flow. >> reporter: in fact, some medical journals say over time the heat emitted from the device can cause a mottled skin condition known as toasted skin syndrome. this year alone, lenovo has recalled thousands of tablets and battery packs because of overheating. >> that was erika gonzalez reporting. even if you aren't having problems with your device, check
11:47 am
the consumer product safety commission side for any open recalls. now, the ancient exercise of tie chi may help other adults with certain chronic conditions. tai chi focuses on flowing movements, relaxation and breath control. researchers found it helped improve mull strength and physical ability in seniors who suffer from breast cancer, arthritis, heart failure and copd. tai chi also reduced pain and stiffness among osteoarthritis patients. experts say the exercises could be used as an additional therapy for the long-term conditions. we have a recall to tell you about. there's a choking hazard for these water bottles being sold at target stores. the inner plastic straw in the flip top portion can break off and become a choking hazard to your child. target sold them from june through july of this year. just contact zach designs to receive a free replacement cap. prescription drug abuse is a
11:48 am
huge problem in this country and that's why the dea wants to raise awareness about an upcoming event. the tenth national prescription drug takeback is happening across the state of new jersey next saturday september 26. assistant special nagt charge nicholas colon is here with us to talk about the program and how it works, welcome. i want to point out that pennsylvania and de drey participating in a program like this earlier but there is just for new jersey. >> actually, vai, this is the 10th iteration of dea's national takeback day. we've done this since september of 2010. we have been having national takebacks so across the country we have more than 5,500 sites manned by law enforcement that will be receiving collecting anybody's unused, unwanted,
11:49 am
undesirables, expired prescription pills in these locations. >> tell us about the danger of having expired medicine. i probably have a couple of bottles of medication that they've expired, didn't bother throwing them away. i suspect especially for families that have children at home. >> you're exactly right, vai, this is a major concern for dea and law enforcement because what we've seen is studies are now showing a lot of adolescents are beginning and starting drug uses based off prescription medicines. and some of the most dangerous medicines are in our own medicine cabinet. >> so this is like nipping it in the bud. you get rid of it here at the beginning, some kids may not be so prone. and parents, i want to point out, it's not just kids that are sometimes addicted to the prescription drugs, often times a parent or parents. >> that's correct, that's correct. and we have seen for adolescents it's very important to get to them early, to let them know the danger, especially in
11:50 am
prescription drugs that what people don't realize is in the united states there's more people abusing prescription medicines than both cocaine and heroin combined and there's alarming stats we're seeing nowadays as far as emergency room admissions which are showing a huge increase in prescription drug abuse based off the prescription pills. >> appreciate you coming in. the prescription drug takeback is happening saturday, september 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. across the state of new jersey. you have something there. locate a collection site in your community, just head to our web site, we'll have something there linked or check out the nbc 10 app. nicholas kolen, thank you for coming in. >> it's been a pleasure, thank you for having me. >> stay right there. a whole week of sunshine out there. it's like san diego weather
11:51 am
except eight is is going to get hit with rain because of the big el nell tino in the pacific. we have a warm day, temperatures way above average for this time of the year. it won't be quite as warm for the eagles on sunday. we'll get into more details in a minute. and some cool changes on the way as we head into next week. with and we're going to be seeing probably dry conditions on sunday for the eagles. not as warm as it is today. 78 degrees right now. the wind is light out of the southeast and we're right around the same temperature we were at this time yesterday. we are in the mid to upper 70s, except for the northeast philly where it's 81 degrees. some portions of lower bucks as well and the temperature today is going to get well into the '80s once again but the humidity is going to stay on the low side. that sea breeze will come in and temperatures won't go much above
11:52 am
where they are right now. and speaking of temperatures above where they are now, 80 degrees in st. louis but look at the dropoff. 68 in des moines, iowa, 56 in minneapolis. it's a cold front there and some of that cooler air will be coming down. not a lot of it, but there's some cold air up there in central canada there will be a weak cold front with showers, we'll watch the system off the southeast coast. most of that moisture will stay well out to sea. this front as it comes in generally later on saturday night, early sunday morning could produce a shower but it does look like it's going to be dry for the eagles game, lower humidity, a bit of a breeze, 73. kickoff about 77, even the fourth quarter 73 degrees. that's some pretty nice weather for football.
11:53 am
temperatures in the mid to upper 80s during the day told. again, low humidity. and the sunshine stretch continues and it will continue tomorrow as well. a few more clouds, a little bit more humidity. chance of a shower generally very late saturday night and into early sunday morning. with somewhat lower temperatures sunday afternoon but it will still be pretty nice and comfortable. then on the cooler side monday and tuesday as we watch for any of that moisture off the southeast to sneak up here even though the bulk of that system should stay offshore. we'll be right back. ou're 50 to 85, here's a question for you: how many people have called about guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program? 100,000? 500,000?
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's new "ellen" with "fifty shades of grey" actress dakota johnson. this afternoon, a delaware county mom pokes fun at her college son in a video that goes viral. >> i haven't heard from you in a while and i -- thought maybe you forgot about me. the woman said she hadn't heard from her son in three weeks so she reached out in a different way, one he'd understand. she talks about the nationwide attention her public plea is getting her this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the
11:57 am
forecast real quickly? >> beautiful today and tomorrow and then cooler on sunday. >> thanks, glenn. i'm vai sikahema. thanks for watching nbc 10 news. see you later today at 4:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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>> john: his name is petrov. ilya petrov, p-e-t-r-o-v. all i know about him is he's russian. he defected, then he disappeared off the radar. yeah, that's right. now listen, the thing is this guys is-- well, he might be the one who can help me find what i'm looking for. so if you come up with something on him, shoot it off to me, okay? got it, thanks. [phone beeps] ilya petrov. [knock at door] hey, steve, come on. >> steve: hey, john. >> john: what's going on man? >> steve: i need your help. it's about bo. >> gabi: whooo. you're such a cute girl. yes, you are. you're the sweetest,


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